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Photos 2014 Ridgeway

Near Ridgeway, COI added a new photo gallery under the “Photos” menu called “Photos 2014 Ridgeway“. These were taken during this year’s plein air painting trip which was held in Ridgeway, CO, and surrounding areas, including Ouray, Red Mountain Pass, and Telluride. In reviewing the photos I noticed that there was a lot of moisture in the air creating a blueish haze on the distant peaks.

When you select a thumbnail in the gallery it will take you to an enlarged photo, from there you can click on the enlargement to go to the ‘next’ photo in the gallery. Also, above each enlargement is a magnifying glass icon inasphere-magnifying-glass(see example to  left) which you can click on to get a full screen enlargement which is especially nice for the panorama shots. Note that if you click on the magnifier to get to the full screen image you can only get back to the standard sized photo by using your browser’s (e.g. Firefox’s) back button. (See How To Navigate Galleries)