New York, New Camera

Bay Park (Hewlitte Bay, NY)

HERE are some photos from my recent trip to NY. I started out the trip by buying a new lightweight camera for traveling; an Olympus E-M10mark3 with a 12-42mm (2x) collapsible lens. It takes 16 mega-pixel photos and 4k/UHD videos. I’m very pleased with the results and very impressed with its 5-axis in-body image stabilization.

I didn’t get out for shooting as much as I would have liked but we did visit two beautiful places, Clark Garden, and Bay Park on Hewlett Bay.

Biosphere 2, Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ: Biosphere2. See GALLERY. This is a very impressive complex to tour. The entire place is hermetically sealed, unlike green houses at a typical botanic garden. There were tropical zones as well as desert zones all climate controlled. In order to prevent the glass from exploding due to air pressure changes during the day there were two “lungs” that would expand and contract as the pressure varied. Each “lung” was 150′ across with a ceiling weighing a few tons would rise and fall as needed. Originally the Biosphere hosted a number of scientists who were sealed into the facility for a couple of years to study self-sustaining environments. There are currently no residents housed there but various experiments are still on going.

Fall Botanic Gardens 2017

The photos are HERE. It was a lovely 75 degrees here yesterday so some friends and I decided to take a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens. It was a perfect day. Lots of fall colors. And  I expect that most of the leaves will have fallen in a week. The Gardens were also decked out for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with some sculptures and lights.

Botanic Gardens, Aug 2017

Denver Botanic Gardens (Denver, CO)

The day started off with some light rain but it had stopped by the time I got to the Denver Botanic Gardens. The overcast sky made for some nice lighting. Here are the PHOTOS. There are some 3840×1080 panoramas included which are suitable for a dual monitor setup.

Dual Monitor Panoramas

Arches National Park, Moab, UT

These PHOTOS were specifically sized to be displayed on two side-by-side monitors of 1920×1080 each (a total size of 3840×1080). Mostly landscapes, some from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and some from New York. If you see one you’d like for your personal use then click on the little magnifying glass icon directly above the image. That will display the full resolution image. You then right click on the image and select “Save Image As…”. (after saving you have to use the browser’s back button to get back to the gallery.) The trick to displaying these across two monitors is to right click on your desktop, select Desktop Background, and set Picture Position to Tile (that’s the important part). Then select one or more panoramas.

Five Points Walkabout

See the PHOTOS. Today my friend Match and I did a walk-about in Denver’s “Five Points” neighborhood, a few blocks north-east of downtown. It was 40ish degrees out with a bit of haze in the sky. The neighborhood had lots of art and murals and a very good bakery. The light rail trains went along the main thoroughfare.